Riverwest Radio Provides Community Radio for Milwaukee

Pacifica welcomes Riverwest Radio WXRW-LP Milwaukee to the affiliates network!


Photo: Xav Leplae

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photo by John Ruebartsch

Photo: John Ruebartsch

Riverwest Radio is community-made radio dedicated to local voices and open expression. Their studio is located in the storefront of Riverwest Film & Video, in the diverse and eclectic Riverwest neighborhood, just west of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


Photo: Xav Leplae

Riverwest Radio’s beginnings were as an internet station specializing in talk format during the onset of the Occupy Movement in 2011. Though still currently an internet station, Riverwest Radio was granted a construction permit to broadcast on WXRW 101.4 LPFM in October 2014.

The broadcast signal is expected to reach up to a five-mile radius, with the potential to reach an audience up to 40,000 listeners. The station is also in the process of linking with the local paper.

Programming is currently available as a live webcast and podcast archives on their website (their livestream is also embedded at the end of the article).


Photo: Xav Leplae

Congratulations, Riverwest Radio, on your construction permit! From us at the Pacifica Affiliates Network, welcome to the network! We wish you and your station members all of the best.