Round-Table Episodes 2021

NOTE: Not all meetings from the year are recorded. Some are kept private when discussions have a sensitive topic.

Fundraising at WTJU

December / Nathan Moore, from WTJU of the University of Virginia, discusses his approach to fundraising, including mailing and underwriting. 


December / Matt Murphy shares governance policies for WERU in East Orland, Maine.

Voice Work with Brett Bender

December / Brett Bender gives instruction on warm ups, recording space, mic techniques and voice techniques for broadcasting.

Leveling Up: Going from Audacity to Reaper

November / Take a tour through the Reaper audio production application with Joseph McGuire (of KSVR in Mount Vernon, WA).

Audacity Workshop

October / Troubleshooting and exploring features of Audacity

AudioPort Tutorial

October / How to navigate AudioPort and upload content. (Presentation starts at 11:30) Also included is a brief explanation of the Pacifica Network Technology Package. Presented by Pacifica Network’s Ursula Ruedenberg, Otis Maclay, Stephanie Schubert, and David Klann.


September / A walkthrough of audio editing program Ocenaudio. Presented by Joseph McGuire of KSVR Washington.  Presentation also includes discussion of similar programs Audacity and Reaper.

The Headliner App

September / The Headliner App is an App that uses video to promote podcasts. Take a tour of the Headliner app with Jeannie Hopper. Jeannie is a producer for The Laura Flanders Show and a former program director for WBAI in New York.

GRC Planning 2021

September / Get the latest on what to expect for “GRC Lite” 2021

Options for LIVE Remote Broadcasting (part 2)

August / John Almeleh (pictured right) of Pacifica Network gives an overview of the tools that go into live remote broadcasting.  


August / Sometimes when stations download shows from AudioPort, the sound is too high or too low. Joseph McGuire of (KSVR) in Mount Vernon, WA will lead a discussion on Loudness, and share approaches for good sound quality.

Emergency Protocol

July / Today we will hear from Bennett Kobb.  He was a young volunteer when KPFT‘s remote transmitter was bombed in 1970.  In an  interview with Davyne Dial (WPVM, Asheville), Benn tells his story and offers insights into emergency policy. Benn Kobb is currently the Public Relations Specialist for IPAWS, the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System for FEMA in Washington D.C.

How to Reduce Workplace Bullying and Discrimination

July / “Dawn Westmoreland provides a ‘How To’ system to reduce workplace bullying and discrimination to executive teams, global leaders, political teams, government leaders, attorneys, spiritual leaders, mental health professionals, and employees. With over 30 years of experience working in Human Resources, she has been lauded by activist Erin Brockovich and Homeland Security professionals for her work. Dawn is honorably retired from the United States Air Force and supports her clients through coaching, speaking, consulting, and writing books. Dawn has been featured on over 100 radio/podcast/TV shows to share her guidance on creating safe and respectful work environments. You can learn more about her work at”

Dawn Westmoreland currently hosts the radio program, The Empowered Whistleblower. Her show airs on WPVM in Asheville, NC.

All Things AudioPort

June / How do you use AudioPort? What do you like about it? What would you change? The round-table has a brainstorming session on America’s favorite crowd-sourced radio program depository. Otis Maclay will join us to hear feedback.

Wildfire Preparation

June / Beth von Gunten (KPFK) speaks with us on community level emergency planning, preparation, and response to wildfire season. Also PSA’s will be discussed as part of an emergency response tool kit.

Beth is a PNB National Strategic Planning Committee Member. She has a ham radio license and has done a lot of collaboration with EMS workers.

Options for LIVE Remote Broadcasting (part 1)

May / Now that the world is starting to open up, it might be a good time to talk about options for live recording. Davyne Dial (WPVM Asheville) shares her methods for broadcasting live, including a technique for using a smartphone.

Q & A on Pacifica Network Technology Package

May /  With Pacifica Network Manager Ursula Ruedenberg and Pacifica Network tech suMaypport David Klann.

Local Station Histories

History of the Affiliate Program

April / From Lewis Hill to Lorenzo Milam and Beyond, Ursula Ruedenberg and Heather Gray give a history tour of Pacifica Network.

When is it Appropriate to Reopen Radio Stations?

March / *The positive news of vaccines *COVID-19 vaccine is good news but not a cure *Legal Issues *Station vs. individual needs/wants *Policy for reopening

Open Forum: CPB Funding

March / Quick Summary For Those Interested: Jim Lockridge and I, Kris Gruen, (representing The Radiator in Burlington, and WGDR in Plainfield) have started working with Wendy Mays (Director of Vermont Broadcasters Association) to organize statewide interest in a smaller, state-level station grant funding program, that mirrors the best-practices tenets of the CPBs CSG, but aims at alternative eligibility requirements, allowing for smallest stations to participate…(Read more on the YouTube channel)

Copyright Issues

March / This week we will review music / copyright issues that affect radio stations. Jon Almeleh, Pacifica’s compliance officer, has put together a packet of information for everyone to read. He will join us midway through the meeting to answer any questions. Lawyers Michael Couzens and Diana Basso will also be there to give information.

Nitty Gritty Business Issues

February  / Some questions that have come across the GRC mailing list:

1. “How are stations viewing and increasing their media liability insurance in light of the FCC violations fee/ penalty increases.? How are you determining how much to increase your coverage and by what amounts?” 2. “How much do (low power) stations pay managers / employees?” And, 3. “How can you operate an email list (some of them, such as GRC, which have hundreds of addresses) without getting messages blocked and without going through Google Services?”

Listener Surveys

February / The round-table discusses a couple of different approaches to listener surveys. These methods will include Survey Monkey, and Radio Research Consortium and Audiographics. Richard Towne (KUNM), Matt Murphy (WERU), Andy Stein (KZYX), and Ali Lightfoot (KVMR) lead the discussion.

Strategic Planning

February / with Matt Murphy WERU Maine

Business Models part 2

January / Group Discussion

Business Models for Community Radio (Underwriting)

January /  This discussion became largely about underwriting, so we will have another discussion on business models in the future.

Radically Changing the Broadcast Schedule to Allow for More Participation

January / The legality of playing feed from other radio stations  / Radically changing the broadcast schedule to allow for more participation / Training for DJ’s