Round-Table Episodes 2019

Volunteer News Model

November / Steve Pierce shares his successful news project, Hudson Mohawk Magazine. In this presentation, Steve shares how it is possible to get consistent content from people who don’t start out with a lot of experience. On his program, each segment runs for 10 minutes, with a total of 5 segments per hour.

Steve Pierce is the station manager for WOOC in Troy, New York. He is the Executive Director of the non-profit, Media Alliance, which owns and operates The Sanctuary for Independent Media (where WOOC broadcasts its news program).

Association of Affiliates & Other News

October / October Issues / WBAI News / Associate of Affiliates with Robin Collier (KECI Taos, NM)  / Introducing new team members / Community newscast / Podcast site

Automating Your Automated Programming

September / Tutorial: Automating your Automated Programming. With Carl Etnier coming to you from Plainfield, Vermont with WGDR.