This Week on Sprouts

The Good Food Movement, an Interview with Joan Gussow


Produced by Heartland Stories

Theresa Marquez hosts Dr. Joan Dye Gussow, Professor Emeritus of Nutrition and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, nutritionist, writer, and gardener. She was one of the first experts to advocate, as early as the 1970’s, that we “eat locally, think globally.” As a nonagenarian, she is still teaching, gardening and cooking her own food. Tune in to learn more about:

– The breakdown of our food system during COVID-19

– Ultra processed food – 60% of food that Americans are eating

– How to empower people with information

– How the current pandemic is changing our food behaviors

– Her own garden

“Hope is the lesson Nature keeps teaching me. She keeps producing. She recovers. She creates beauty out of loss. She forgives us our impatience and frustration and insistence that things turn out the way we planned. They don’t. They turn out the way she planned. We need to be willing to sacrifice control to learn adaptation.”
–Joan Gussow, fromGrowing, Older: A Chronicle of Death, Life, and Vegetables

“Once in a while, I think I’ve had an original thought, then I look and read around and realize Joan said it first.”
–Michael Pollan

Photo by congerdesign