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Chuck D & Rosa Clemente: Hip Hop's Unfinished Revolution


Produced by The Laura Flanders Show 

Chuck D of Public Enemy famously called Hip Hop “the Black CNN”. As Hip Hop celebrated its 50th anniversary this year, Laura talks with him, and Bronx native Rosa Clemente, about Hip Hop’s impact on music, dance, art, fashion and media-making, and asks where the Hip Hop revolution stands today.

Clemente, an award-winning organizer and scholar-activist, is known for her expertise in Afro-Latinx identity, fighting police violence and hip-hop feminism. Chuck D, the leader and co-founder of the legendary group Public Enemy, is a social activist and digital music pioneer who served as Executive Producer of the BBC series now streaming on PBS, Fight the Power: How Hip Hop Changed the World.

In this episode, they explore the impact of Hip Hop and its role in today’s social justice movements. Plus, a commentary from Laura on unfinished revolutions.