How We Network


  • Content Provider: Our program service and exchange web site provide radio content from Pacifica, affiliates, and independent grassroots production groups. Offering hundreds of excellent programs to members of the network, the web site leverages production from many locations under the Pacifica brand, making us a respected, sought-out service.
  • One-on-one liaison and assistance calls. Our team is always prepared for lots of personal support, and to connect folks in the network for mutual benefit. This includes assistance for our crowd-sourced programming platform,, and our internet technology package.
  • Weekly “RoundTable” network discussions on Zoom. Each week station managers discuss pressing issues related to running a radio station. Recent topics include issues such as strategic planning, underwriting, and informing the public about vaccines.  To watch round-table recordings from 2021, click here.
  • Network-wide Collaboration on Content. We are radio people working with radio people. Sprouts Radio From the Grassroots is a weekly program featuring different grassroots production groups globally. Stations take turns repackaging local programming for global broadcast. This half-hour program has existed as a network-wide collaboration since 2003 and is aired regularly by more than 50 stations. We also support and collaborate on the weekly network-wide show, COVID Race and Democracy, and support 2022TALKS, a daily 3-minute headline political news service, in partnership with Public News Service.
  • A strong supporting role in the yearly Grassroots Radio Conference. The Pacifica Affiliate Network promotes relationship building at the GRC with financial support, educational classes, and personal attention. In 2014, we unit effectively jump-started the conference by organizing the conference after it was in danger of ending.
  • Features stories, milestones, about community radio and resources. Included is a map of the network stations and a directory of programs in
  • Monthly newsletters keep affiliates up to date on resources, programming, celebrated milestones for fellow radio stations, resources, and information.
  • Communication: Our office manages two email lists. 1) for station management and addresses management issues and 2) makes programming and technical announcements.
  • Contracts for network membership and/or syndication to our network occur in our office; to learn more about affiliation go here. To learn more about syndication content to our network, go here.
  • We offer our network members an Internet Technology Package that includes numerous services including streaming and software for archiving, reporting to Sound Exchange, for a low membership fee.