Round-Table Episodes 2020

NOTE: Not all meetings from the year are recorded. Some are kept private when discussions have a sensitive topic.

Succession Planning

December / Pacifica Network’s David Klann gives a tutorial on how to pass on the keys to the radio station kingdom.

GRC Info Session 2020

August / GRC info session by Sharon Scott of WXOX Louisville, KY

ShortTerm / LongTerm Strategies for Radio Station Success

August / How can we help ourselves and help our communities during COVID-19? William King of KOWN Omaha, Nebraska will speak on outreach to hospitals, local and state governments, and how there is money already laid aside, waiting to be spent. He also has ideas on long term strategies for figuring out analytics/market share of digital platforms. Being able to show numbers to show strength. Developing proposals for CEO’s and the Chamber of Commerce–convincing the big guy to help out the little guy and why that matters.

Backup Power

August / Generator back-up power Renewable back-up power Thanks to John Fox (KPRI), Eugene Beer (WGRN), and Joseph Orozco (KIDE) for presenting.

GRC Planning in Virtual Louisville

July / When the going gets tough, the tough make t-shirts. Update on COVID, Race, and Democracy Planning the GRC –COVID-19 (Community Engagement, Technology, Fundraising) –Black Lives Matter –The Election –Sharing documents –Socializing/Fun online/Chuck D –The pros and cons of October

Virtual Remote Console for PC & Mac

July / The Pacifica Network is an official branch of Pacifica!! Virtual Remote Console for PC & MAC —-With Jon Almeleh & Otis Maclay

Caller Remote Interview Set Up

July / Squadcast. Zencaster. Cellphone with audio set-up. Legal considerations streaming live protests. Featuring guidance from Joseph McGuire (KSVR) and Davyne Dial (WPVM)

Learning Dropbox

May / Learn Dropbox with Davyne Dial (WPVM) Asheville, NC! Also. PC vs Apple for remote broadcasting. Power outage and battery back-up. Automation vs. manual. Confronting misinformation.

Remote Broadcasting

May / Sharon Scott of WXOX Louisville, KY presents on broadcasting from home by setting up a second stream. Find Additional Help @ Remote Set-Up for Community Radio Stations Remote Broadcasting for Community Radio DJs

COVID 19: Background and Protocol

March / Infectious disease physician Dr. MarkAlain Dery (WHIV) gives a presentation on COVID-19. Radio station protocol is discussed. Kate Ingram (KPTZ) gives perspective on protocol from her station.

Raising Awareness with Live Streaming

Februrary / Davyne Dial presents on raising awareness through live-streaming on Facebook. She touches on the benefits of data, the use of the Mevo camera, and boosting posts. Ursula Ruedenberg follows with a short discussion on the fundraising group, Kindest. Davyne Dial is the general manager at WPVM in Asheville, SC