Round-Table Meetings 2023

NOTE: Not all meetings from the year are recorded. Some are kept private when discussions are sensitive.

Fixing Mayhem: Tools for When Things Go Terribly Wrong for the Team

May / With Ursula Ruedenberg of Pacifica Network 

If you are a manager, you have witnessed negative behavior, often for mysterious reasons. “Fixing Mayhem” is a presentation to help you face these counter-intuitive scenarios and the damage they do. The ideas presented are based on original concepts developed by psychologist Peyton WImmer. They look at the hidden, underlying social and psychological reasons and offer tools to address them at that level. 

Tools offered are not magic, but the results can sometimes seem magical. At their best, they can replace mayhem with unleashed creativity in the individuals you supervise and positive momentum and structural integrity in the organization you lead. 

Peyton Wimmer and Pacifica Affiliate Network Manager Ursula Ruedenberg collaborated to develop this presentation, which was well received at Grassroots Radio Conferences and NFCB conferences and is back by popular demand.

Multi-Track Editing

April / Multi-track editing and how that makes for good recordings. Joseph McGuire of KSVR in Mount Vernon, WA covers the power of editing separate tracks to remove crosstalk, over talks, coughs and more.

Choosing the Correct Microphone

March / Joseph McGuire of KSVR in Mount  Vernon Washington talks about choosing the right microphone.

Microphone usage, how to get good sound and the different kinds to choose from. Covering the types needed for outside, in studio and usb types. Best practices for remote interviews over the internet. Recording in the home and getting a good recording.

2023 Outlook for Pacifica Network

February  / With Ursula Ruedenberg and Stephanie Schubert.  We cover Pacifica Network basics of who we are and what we do, projects we have finished and projects we have in the works.  We also chat with our current PNB representatives, William Foster (WUMO) and Heather Gray (WRFG).

2023 Outlook for Community Radio

January / Michelle “Michi” Bradley of REC Networks shares her perspective on what community radio looks like so far for 2023.

Michi covers Biden’s re-nomination of Gigi Sohn to the FCC, Emergency Alert System changes, FCC updates, the LPFM filing window, the translator window, how to qualify for a booster, sub channels, and clarification on news about Sinclair Audio Services and Nexstar.