Pacifica Internet Technology Packages

Copyright Confessor / Archive: Internet technology package for your comprehensive online presence. A launching point or hub for all required producer / station records for use both locally in planning, marketing, and promoting shows; and for reporting to Sound Exchange and other reporting obligations. Data gathered by the Internet package also provides capacity for many types of information analysis for a station’s long-term planning. Technically, this software provides: 1) a recorder – based on scheduling information, “listens in” and finally produces sound files for both live stream and archive query; 2) tracking of your audio played on the stream in 100% real time to:

Efficiently and reliably generate data on music aired, as required for reporting to Public Interactive / Sound Exchange, including:

  • Artist
  • Label
  • Cut
  • Album
  • Listener statistics (audience measure)

Create a program schedule for public display on station web site

Create a public archive on station web site for listeners to stream-to-listen, podcast, and download talk shows after broadcast, with search engine and information about the shows

Create playlists in real time on your web site’s home page to show what is on the air

Gather images, descriptions, information about times aired for individual show pages on your web site, together with audio archive of that show’s programs

Generate Excel spreadsheet of show information can be generated, for the public file.

Streaming Service: for radio station’s live online presence, distributed at desired resolutions, with unlimited bandwidth. Audience measure provided.

Downloadable Internet Services Technology Overview

We provide assistance and an online monitoring and control system for above tools and answer questions you may have. We notify you and assist when any intervention is needed.

Copyright Confessor/Archive and Streaming Services are available individually or as a package. Contact us for pricing.

For more information please contact Pacifica Affiliate Coordinator Ursula Ruedenberg / 510-812-7989