Pacifica Internet Technology Package

Pacifica Network offers network members a comprehensive Internet Technology Package for your online presence. This service includes:

    • Pontifiserver: Stream your station live online, distributed at desired resolutions.
    • Parchive: Archive the shows you broadcast and make them available on your website in a user-friendly format for your listeners to stream, podcast, and download your talk shows after broadcast. You can input information about the shows, and a search engine is included. This software records shows from mp3 stream and makes archival self-contained and automatic. An Excel spreadsheet of show information can be generated, which can be placed in the public file.
    • Copyright Confessor: Report copyright information while making your own website more attractive to listeners.  This software tracks your audio played on the stream in 100% real-time to efficiently and reliably generate data on music aired, as required for reporting to Public Interactive / Sound Exchange. Your DJs and programmers can choose whether to enter the needed data before, during or after their broadcast. In addition, the Confessor can display what is playing in real time on your website and keep show playlists – a feature your listeners will love.
    • Sustainer: Support your programmers during fund drive time on the in-studio monitor with this online pledge display system. It organizes all the information they need for pitching on the air, such as tally progress, whom to thank, etc. The software is customizable for each specific show and your programmers will see pledges displayed in real time for acknowledgement while pitching. There is also a selection of premiums available, organized into three types: featured, specific to show, and basic premiums. This software allows sustaining pledges, as well as ‘tip jar’ for more spontaneous donations between pledge drives.
    • Maintenance: We provide assistance and on line monitoring and control system for above tools and answer questions you may have. We notify you and assist when any intervention is needed.

Comprehensive package including all services costs $400.00 per year

For more information contact Pacifica Web Manager Otis Maclay/ / 713-855-0605

To sign up contact Pacifica Network Manager Ursula Ruedenberg /  /  510-812-7989