Pacifica Network’s New Affiliate Group Underwriting Project


If you are a Pacifica affiliate that must fund raise, we are very excited to invite you to collaborate with us in developing a new income source.

As you know, a major area where we, as community radio, share common ground is the need to address the issue of sustainability. So for the past 4 or 5 years, we at the Pacifica affiliate program have been asking ourselves this question:

What if community radio continues to produce local programming that is independent, bold, creative, and even provocative – and in so doing, attracts exactly the funding it needs?

And how do we produce proof that this can be done quickly and reliably?

Throughout the history of the Affiliate program our network has a very special culture of cooperation. At the Pacifica affiliates office, we have been researching how to best expand this culture of mutual interest to build a national platform whose mission is financial viability explicitly for independent, locally managed grassroots community radio.

We are now launching an initiative (of many others to come) to realize this goal: The Pacifica Affiliate Group Underwriting Project.

We are conducting a 6-month pilot project, to be completed by the end of this fiscal year (Sept 30). If you are a Pacifica affiliate that must raise funds and are looking for new income sources, we heartily invite you to be part of the launch. We can’t wait to get started.

If you are interested, please follow this link to complete our SHORT questionnaire

We are eager to present a slide show to you to further explain the project and answer your questions. Please email us at to schedule a time we can talk with you.

Many thanks to AMPERS for their mentorship in developing this program and many thanks to Janis Lane-Ewart and Heather Gray, for their help in building and shepherding this initiative.

Let’s get started!!