$1.5 Million for Canadian Community Radio

CRFC invites applications for the third round of Radiometres.

Ottawa – The Community Radio Fund of Canada (CRFC) has revamped its Radiometres funding program so that stations can now apply to receive even more money per station and have the option to partner on projects with their fellow radio stations.

With this latest call for applications, individual stations will be able to apply for a maximum amount of $30,000 each or a maximum of $100,000 if at least three stations partner on the work.

The Radiometres program offers the more than 170 licenced campus and community radio stations across Canada the opportunity to create local interest programming, while offering mentorship, education and training for their volunteer broadcasters. The goal is to help campus and community radio stations remain innovative and reflective of the diverse communities they serve.

Jean Malavoy, the CRFC Executive Director, says he is thrilled with the change.

“Community radio helps brings Canadians closer together: as neighbours, producers and listeners. With this new version of the Radiometres program, we are helping build stronger stations while increasing the solidarity between stations, their thousands of volunteers, and all their listeners.”

Since the CRFC began in 2008, it has awarded more than $2.5 millions. The Radiometres Program, designed with stations’ operational needs in mind, launched in 2012 and in that time has awarded almost $2-Million for 111 initiatives in 79 communities across Canada.

Program guidelines and application form are available on the CRFC website atwww.communityradiofund.orgStations have until February 14, 2014 to submit their application.

The funding for Radiometres is provided by Canada’s private radio broadcasters through a portion of their Canadian Content Development (CCD) contributions, a funding mechanism established by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).These contributions will play an important part in strengthening the campus and community sector of the Canadian broadcasting system.