Pacifica Network Welcomes KEPJ-LP

Photo courtesy of Esperanza Center

The Pacifica Network extends a warm welcome to KEPJ-LP, in San Antonio Texas.

KEPJ-LPFM, otherwise known as Radio Esperanza, is a low powered community radio station committed to social justice issues and local expression in the arts. 

“We provide a platform for local news, music, podcasts, and programs produced and presented by women, people of color, the lesbian, gay, trans and queer community, the working class and the poor,” said station manager, Imgard Rop.

KEPJ-FM is part of the Esperanza Center for Peace and Justice.  The center was established largely by Chicana activists in 1987.  Since then they have lead a multicultural movement to manifest social equality.  Their advocacy has included demonstrations against the KKK and creating the first art exhibit in Texas to support the Queer community during the AIDS crisis.