Meet the Revolutionary Neighbors in Nashville, TN

Downtown Nashville. On the left is the AT&T building, commonly known as "The Batman Building"

Scott Fisher is clear on the role his radio station will play in the last stretch of the 2020 Presidential race.  His station will vigorously fact check whatever is put out by the candidates, especially by Donald Trump.

“I believe in grace.  I’m a minister.  I believe in shades of gray.  But if people are gonna flat out lie I believe in calling it out,” said Fisher.

Scott Fisher, founder of Nashville Revolution Radio

Frustrated with the leeway the mainstream media gave Trump in 2016, Fisher said the media is making the same mistake this year.  He sees community radio as having power because it is not beholden to commercial interests.  Furthermore, he sees his station as having an opportunity to call out falsities in a way that commercial media can’t.  In reference to Trump he said, “I am not somebody who has never made a mistake or [never] fallen. But somebody who rises to power because he has made mistakes? And repeats them over and over?  That is something to be dealt with.”

The station logo incorporates a fighting revolutionary fist into its design.  It’s  a symbol for speaking truth to power against the outline of the well-known “Batman Building.”  Nashville Revolution Radio will be the second Nashville station to be affiliated with Pacifica Network, though it will be the first to focus on talk.  It will offer a counterpoint to conservative stations in the city.  The slogan on the homepage says, “A new progressive voice for Nashville and the world.”

Welcome to the network, Nashville Revolution Radio!