Join the Pacifica National Board!

Join the Pacifica National Board!

This is a call for nominations for the affiliate director positions on the 2017 Pacifica National Board (PNB).

Two seats on Pacifica’s national board are held by representatives from Pacifica affiliate stations. They are elected by current Pacifica Board Members in December and seated in late January with the next board.

A nomination can come from either an affiliate station or an association of affiliate stations. Following the protocol is important. We encourage you to read the specific details on protocol as found in the Pacifica bylaws and outlined below:

  • Nominations must be submitted in writing to the PNB Secretary. Send documents to Please send a copy to Ursula Ruedenberg at
  • Nominations must be submitted by November 27, 2017
  • Each nominee must submit his/her resume and a statement of his/her interest in serving as a Director of the Foundation
  • A written explanation of how the nominee was selected for nomination which is certified by the affiliate station’s general manager or the governing board, secretary of the nominating affiliate station or the secretary of the association of affiliate stations must be submitted by December 11, 2017

Some information about the PNB

The Pacifica National Board (PNB) usually has 22 seats; the 2 affiliates and the other 20 persons who are elected in equal number in January by the local boards of the five Pacifica stations – LA, Berkeley, NYC, Houston, and Washington DC.

There is potentially an at-large board seat (which to date has never been filled).

Pacifica Foundation oversees 5 radio stations, and the historic Pacifica Radio Archives unit, with combined revenue of over $16 million and over 1,000 paid and un-paid workers. And, of course, the Affiliate Program that has about 150 contracted affiliates, generating approximately $220,000 in fees.

No directors are paid for their time, but their expenses for attending in-person meetings (travel, hotel, meals) are paid by the Foundation. The board meets at least once monthly via telephone. Directors potentially meet in person 4 times per year in rotation in the Pacifica signal areas.

Being a board member is a relatively time-consuming responsibility. You can learn more about the board here.