Responsibilites of Local AudioPort Managers

We are delighted and gratified that Audioport has come to offer so many great content options, as well as opportunities for grassroots producers to distribute their work. We appreciate your role in this. For years, cooperation from Audioport’s local managers has exceeded expectations. Thank you for overseeing the use of at your station. 

Your participation ensures AudioPort’s safe and proper use by:
  • Vetting the people who have access.
  • Vetting the content of producers wanting to distribute work in Audioport.
  • Suspending accounts of anyone no longer suited to have an account; we rely on you to keep this current.


As the local AudioPort manager, you give producers and staff at your station their personal accounts under the umbrella account your station has on the website. Step-by- step instructions for creating accounts:

Creating accounts for downloading content 
Creating accounts for content distribution 
Adding & removing local managers

With an account, producers and staff can:

  1. Download content to be aired on the radio
  2. Upload their own content for national distribution
  3. Store content online in their private spot in the server (“Electronic Workroom”)
  4. stream some content and live specials
  • Introduce your radio staff and producers to AudioPort – as you see appropriate. Inform them that they can have their own accounts. Send them to the producer’s section of this online resource center to learn about this service.
  • Remind producers and staff them that they may only use content from AudioPort for on-air and radio production purposes only. Instruct anyone wishing to use the content in another way, to get permission from the person who put the content in AudioPort, either directly (the producer’s email is given on the show page) or with the assistance of Pacifica staff. Remind them that their compliance is essential for Audioport’s viability.
  • Remember: You can access a link to a live Pacifica KU stream for broadcast. After logging in, notice a bright green box in the navigation bar with a link to the streams. The KU left channel has regularly scheduled programming and the KU right channel remains silent except for when streaming special live programming.
  • Review your station’s AudioPort accounts periodically to make sure that they are up to date.
  • To terminate an account’s access, click the box next to the word: Suspend, under the account’s name and email. A pink background should appear.
  • Terminate access to anyone who has left the station.
  • Terminate access when someone violates AudioPort’s terms of usage listed at AudioPort/terms.
  • Terminate access when someone’s content is undesirable

Normally, we ask you to use the Suspend link, rather than the Remove from station or Delete links – unless you want to remove any content that person uploaded. The email of that account is the marker for the website’s database, so if you remove that account, any content uploaded by that person will disappear.

Please contact us if you have questions or need help:

  • Ursula Ruedenberg, Pacifica Affiliates Coordinator / 510-812-7989 / 
  • Stephanie Schubert, Network operations coordinator /