Create Accounts to Distribute Content

We welcome new grassroots voices in Audioport from your area. Producers from your station are an important source of Audioport content.

As a local Audioport manager, you can help find and curate content from producers at your station. When a producer at your station is making content that seems fit for distribution, we encourage you to introduce Audioport to them and inform them about the option to distribute their work to Pacifica Network.

  1.  If a producer at your station express interest in distributing their show:

-Ask them to download our 
fillable application to check whether it is a good fit and to assess their readiness. This questionnaire focuses on quality, technical standards, dependability, and legal compliance.

– Tell them to submit their filled-out application to you so you can evaluate suitability and to help them prepare. Also, ask them to cc a copy to network manager when they email that application to you.

– Please save these applications in a dedicated, accessible folder. It includes their commitment to perform legally. This documentation protects your station and Pacifica.

  1. If you feel the producer is a good fit to represent your station and Pacifica:

– Create an account for that producer

– Send them an orientation email

– Information for both steps are provided here.

  1. As producer(s) prepare start the process of distribution:

– Encourage them to read through the Producers’ & Staff Checklist. Make sure that they read:

Feel free to contact us for help and information.  We are available to be with the producer via phone or Zoom when they perform their first upload.

Please build safety into this process:

Create individual accounts. Please do not create generic station accounts since such accounts allow leaving producers or staff continued access. Only producers who are actively at your station should have accounts. When people leave your station, suspend those accounts.

Ask the producer(s) to read the online contract while creating their account to understand legal restrictions, legally protected definitions, and compliance with Pacifica’s terms.

Remind producers that they may only use content from Audioport for on-air and radio production purposes only. When wishing to use the content in another way, one must get permission from the person who put the content in AudioPort, either directly (the producer’s email is given on the show page) or with the assistance of Pacifica staff. Their compliance is essential.

Remind producers to review language restrictions. People tend to forget these. It puts everyone in jeopardy. If we catch it, we will remove the content. Also, please remind them that they must check song lyrics, which can usually be found online.

If you can, please check in periodically to see if the producer(s) have what they need and are being compliant.

If the producer leaves your station, terminate their account under your station’s umbrella account. This is important for security!  For information on how to terminate access to AudioPort go here. 

Please contact us if you have questions or need help:

  • Ursula Ruedenberg, Pacifica Affiliates Coordinator / 510-812-7989 / 
  • Stephanie Schubert, Network operations coordinator /