Audioport reaches all stations in Pacifica Network. There are currently a little more than 200 stations. You can find a listing of network member stations here with links to their websites, where you can find contact information. The best way to get on airwaves is direct phone calls to the stations.

The Bad News: Even if you have a great show and consistency, you will likely have to upload regularly for about half a year before you will see significant results. That’s how long it takes for radio stations to integrate a new show. Also, they will check you for consistency before they commit. This means uploading the show regularly on the same day of the week (or Month) at approximately the same time. During the first “dry” period, you will have to still show consistency even if you don’t get great results. We encourage you to do this – be assured that Program Directors who are considering taking your show, are checking you out.

The Good news: Audioport is a highly active web site with 200+ stations looking for content. A good show consistently uploaded will get picked up and gain a following with time. This is a great place for distribution.

Consistency: We repeat…radio stations look for consistency above all else. Many use automation systems, which do not have the flexibility a human would have to compensate if the show is not there on schedule or an irregular length. If you want stations to take your show, the show must go on the same day and time, have a consistent length – to the second (usually 29 minutes or 58 minutes) – and have consistent sound levels, good sound and content quality.

Using Descriptiveness to Promote: Use short but explicit and descriptive titles for each episode of your program. Numbers or dates are less compelling and tend to get passed over. A descriptive title that tells folks what the show offers promotes your show. Poetic names are awesome, but you may pay a price when people don’t understand what your show is about.

When uploading your episode, in the box called “About This Program,” write a short descriptive elevator speech about what the show offers. This is your advertisement. Don’t lecture about the topic, just explain it, the guest if any, and what is valuable that you offer. 

If You Make a Promo for Your Show: to post promos for your show, create a separate series for the promos. If you put the promos on the show pages, you will confuse automation systems and they are as likely to air the promo as the show instead of the real thing.

Pacificaannounce Listserv: is the listserv for the Pacifica & affiliates network members for announcing programs available via distribution.  Pacifica’s special national programming will also be announced on this listserv. Technical issues regarding distribution and broadcasting are announced as well. Emergency announcements will have uppercase subject titles. The listserv is for announcements only, no discussion.

When you start a new show in AudioPort, we will announce it for you on the listserv to give you an extra push. Fill out this template and email it to Network Manager Ursula Ruedenberg at She will introduce your show.

You may join and use this listserv to promote your show or special content. We suggest you use this template for your most effective announcements. If yours is a weekly syndicated show, post no more than once a week, unless in emergency.  

Please consider everyone in the network who is using this listserv cooperatively.  Please help keep this list lean and work related, as a tool for announcing programs and broadcast issues. If you wish to converse with individuals, please contact them off list. Do not post discussion threads or emails about issues or non-program announcements or anything else not directly related to program or technical announcements. Failure to follow these ground rules will result in removal from the listserv.

Please contact us if you have questions or need help:

  • Ursula Ruedenberg, Pacifica Affiliates Coordinator / 510-812-7989 / 
  • Stephanie Schubert, Network operations coordinator /