NCE Window Has Been Announced for 2021

The FCC has announced a filing window for applications for noncommercial educational (NCE) station permits.  The FCC said “the filing window will open at 12:01 am EDT on Tuesday, November 2, 2021, and close at 6:00 pm EST on November 9, 2021.”  The FM broadcast window will be accessible for reserved band (88~92).

“The reserved band is the 20 channels between 88.1 and 91.9,” said Certified Broadcast Technologist Michelle Bradley.  “Existing licensees may file “major” modifications in this window.  Major modifications means either a change of more than 3 channels or a location where the service contour of the proposed facility does not overlap the service contour of the current one.”

The FCC reports that it will place a limit of ten applications per party in the 2021 filing window for NCE stations.

More information can be found at the FCC website, or REC Networks.

Image by lucasz_g! from pixabay