Life in Quarantine: Soothing Stress

Photo by David Bartus from Pexels

It takes some major gear switching to adjust to a global pandemic. From the CDC, here are some coping strategies for emotional upheaval.

  • Let go of constant news updates
    --Repeatedly hearing about the pandemic can be upsetting. In fact, repeatedly hearing about bad news in general can be upsetting. According to therapist, Steven Stosney, Ph.D, a perpetual cycle of bad news in general can trigger feelings of powerlessness ( The CDC recommends taking breaks from news stories for better mental health.
  • Just the facts
    --While too much information can backfire, knowing the basic facts can be helpful. Stay up to date on the best ways to stay protected from COVID-19.
  • The simple things
    --It's a simple strategy, but focusing on enjoyable activities can help relieve stress. Reaching out to friends and family through phone calls and video chats can help preserve peace of mind. If you can, take time to be in nature.

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Photo by David Bartus from Pexels