KPFT Named Best Radio Station 2015 By Houston Press

kpftKPFT is much more than a radio station: It’s a public forum, community bulletin board and a lifeline to those of us who are completely put off by what passes for commercial radio these days. (It’s got a great history, too, being firebombed by the KKK shortly after signing on with the Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun” in 1970.) Here you’ll hear issues discussed that are far too sensitive for the mainstream media to go anywhere near, and points of view entertained that in more primitive times would get their advocates locked away in a loony bin. But musically speaking alone, this is one killer radio station, a virtual color wheel of genres from underground rap and black metal to jam bands, zydeco, alt-country and almost an entire Sunday of blues-related programming. Of course, this kind of vital service to the community isn’t cheap: At KPFT, another pledge drive is never very far away, so do help them out the next time one comes along.

KPFT_400x400KPFT is one of Pacifica’s five founding stations. The station was previously named Best Radio Station by Houston Press in 2004. Visit the announcement here.