Heartbreak at KUNM: News Director Dies at Age 29

Hannah Colton reporting in front of the New Mexico State Capitol on Feb. 24, 2020. Photo used with permission from Marisa Demarco

ALBUQUERQUE — The KUNM community is sad to report the loss of their news director, fellow reporter, and friend, Hannah Colton.  She passed away this November.

In a moving tribute by KUNM colleague Marisa Demarco, Colton was described as a powerhouse of support to the news team, guiding reporters through a tough year of coverage on police brutality, the election, and COVID-19. 

“She well-understood the urgency of this moment, and she gave it her whole heart, working around the clock to cover equity and education, the dangers of the virus for people who are incarcerated, protests and the pandemic’s impacts on people without shelter,” said Demarco.

As a person who suffered from depression, Colton often focused her reporting on mental health issues.  In a piece she did in 2019, Colton shared a visual therapy technique from a local health worker.  

Colton was also known for her musical talents, she sang and played violin.

Colton moved to Albuquerque, NM from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Demarco said in her article that Colton will be largely missed, adding, “we miss her so much already.”

To read Marisa Demarco’s full article on Hannah Colton, click here.

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