The Electronic Workroom


Your individual account allows you to store content privately online. Your ELECTRONIC WORKROOM is dedicated private space in the server for this. 

Some common uses are to:

  • store actualities while making a show, using computers at several locations
  • share content with people at other locations while they collaborate 
  • store a show that is ready and waiting until its released
  • share some audio privately with someone else with an account 

You can go to your workroom by any of these ways (you must log in first):

  • Click on the grey MY E-WORKROOM tab at the top of the website
  • Click on MY WORKROOM in the blue navigation bar at the right of the website
  • Click on the Workroom link offered to you in the white space after you log in

How to put content into your Electronic Workroom: 

  • Follow the normal process for adding content
  • On the page for filling out your content information (the page called SUBMIT AUDIO STEP #2), look for the box at the top, followed by the words “Make this program available only in my workroom.”
  • When you go to your Workroom, you will find your content listed there. Often other work you produced will be there as well. Content that is being stored privately is preceded by: (hidden). You can access this anytime.

How to release content from the Workroom:

  • Go to its page, click Edit Program (top of the page) 
  • You will see that the box next to Make this program available only in my workroom.” Is blue. Uncheck the box by clicking it 
  • The content will automatically be published in Audioport’s public area. Remember, it will be seen listed according to its designated release date (shown near the bottom of the page).If the date is in the past, it will show up there. If its date is in the future, it will not show up until that date.  

If you want to change the release date:

  • Go to the content’s page
  • Look towards the bottom of the page and find the grey bar that says VERSION 1: (in almost all cases, you should only have one version).
  • Click on the Edit Version link top left of that grey bar.
  • Find the red words: Release Date and change the date in the box to its right
  • Scroll down and click the Update Version link. 

Sharing Your Workroom:

  • You can give access to your workroom to anyone who also has an Audioport account. 
  • Go to your Workroom 
  • Click on the link at the top of the grey area (top of the page) that sys GRANT/REVOKE ACCESS TO WORKROOM
  • Find your person by alphabet and click GRANT ACCESS to the right of that name
  • Next time you go to this alphabet page you will see them listed as having access with the option to revoke their access
  • When you are back in your regular Workroom page, you can see a list of any other people’s Workroom you have access to

WARNING: A QUIRK OF AUDIOPORT to watch out for. We have discovered that aggregators can often detect a show hidden in the workroom (by its series name) before you want to release it. To prevent this, do not give the show its series name until you are ready to release it. Right before you release it, edit the show page and add the series name at that time.

Please contact us if you have questions or need help:

  • Ursula Ruedenberg, Pacifica Affiliates Coordinator / 510-812-7989 / 
  • Stephanie Schubert, Network operations coordinator /