Ten Reasons to Affiliate with Pacifica!

  • khen

The Pacifica Radio Network values the uniqueness of every radio station in the network. Pacifica staff are dedicated to supporting your station on its own terms. We will listen carefully to what matters to you. We offer administrative, promotional, and operational support services to help you build loyal listeners, financial prosperity, and sound infrastructure. Our administrative and technical staff is at your service to assist daily operations and help connect to others in the network.

Pacifica offers flexible and affordable services that will help strengthen your station. You will gain access to station-builder services and the nation’s foremost radio production on issues of social justice and culture. Through Pacifica’s AudioPort, you can distribute programs originating at your station that seek a larger audience. Pacifica will also bring you you breaking news and analysis for today’s world events.

There are many reasons to join our network, but here are just ten!

1. Pacifica Audioport

Audioport is Pacifica’s web-based distribution system for receiving and exchanging audio content from the network. Broadcast-quality sound files are available for download and broadcast at your convenience. Audioport also provides internet streams of our satellite. It’s the perfect tool for distributing your programs nationally throughout the Pacifica Network! Click here for more information on AudioPort.

2. National & International News

Un-embedded, uncensored, grassroots, and breaking news such as, Democracy Now! and Flashpoints.

3. High Quality Programs

Pacifica provides affiliates with award-winning, grassroots public affairs and cultural programs, as well as actualities, for you own production use. These programs include speeches, interviews, and breaking events. For more information about programs distributed by Pacifica, click here .

4. Free Access to the Pacifica Radio Archives

Pacifica has more than 50 years of historic recordings of pivotal, speeches, interviews, music, and culture. The Pacifica Radio Archives is one of the world’s oldest and most important audio archives. Pacifica provides CD or USB packages that can be purchased to sell as premiums.

5. Live, In-Depth Coverage of National & International Events

Our special coverage of wars, demonstrations, governmental hearings, conferences – even concerts – is live and un-embedded. In the Pacifica tradition of giving voice to the voiceless, we cover large events by talking with real people who are most affected and may get less representation in other media.

6. Station-Building & Promotional Assistance

Proven fund-raisers from Pacifica as premium CD’s or USB’s. These come with detailed instructions for live fund-raising events, assistance with on-air pitching, and custom-made promotional PSA’s. Affiliates report that Pacifica programming itself raises their profiles, increases listenership, and helps to bring in financial support from listeners. Some cite Pacifica programming as their primary fund-raising resource!

7. Easy Access of Content on the Internet

Pacifica has a one stop website where all content can be accessed, streamed or downloaded at AudioPort.

8. Collaborate with Accomplished Radio Workers

Radio workers across the country, and throughout the world, will always find each other. Being a part of the network allows you to easily collaborate with others in community radio. From gathering ideas to improve programming to sharing sound files of breaking stories. Novice producers can easily meet highly-regarded veterans of the profession at radio stations throughout the network. Collaboration is facilitated by Pacifica through the following:

  • AudioPort
  • Liaison services provided by the Pacifica Affiliates Coordinator
  • Regular conference calls for affiliates
  • Working listservs
  • Sister station projects
  • Sprouts: Radio from the Grassroots, a weekly program distributed and coordinated by Pacifica that showcases stations’ local production

9. Administrative and Technical Support

Pacifica Network staff are on call to help solve technical, administrative, and legal problems. Our staff of coordinators and engineers are here to answer questions, share new information and resources, and facilitate collaboration between experts throughout the Pacifica Network.

10. A Global Audience for Your Station’s Productions

Joining the Pacifica Network is a partnership that serves to raise your local voices and talent to an international platform. Aspiring producers at your station deserve opportunities to grow and receive encouragement from the radio world.

11.  Pacifica Offers Additional Internet Technology Services

 This service has an additional cost at a very low rate for affiliates.

  • Streaming Service: $200 per year
  • Copyright Confessor / Parchive: $200 per year

Your community voices are important. Pacifica will bring you to the big table.