Neil Young Partners with Rev. Billy & Choir for LOVE EARTH Tour

Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir are on the road with Neil Young for the Love Earth Tour. As the tour’s opening act, the group, who has performed for decades in New York City, especially in the East Village, brings their focus of anti-consumerism and earth activism to the show. This is a return to the road for the choir after touring with Neil Young nine years ago.

The Love Earth Tour started on April 24th in San Diego and will continue with shows across the U.S. and Canada through September, at outdoor amphitheaters ranging from 6000 to 30,000 seats. This open air experience is a meaningful part of the Love Earth Tour, aligning with Neil Young’s statement in 2022 that his tours would be environmentally sustainable from then onwards.

Reverend Billy and the Choir’s shows are dedicated to radical environmentalism. Videos of Reverend Billy’s performances from the first sets are already becoming available, and Billy’s podcast, Earth Riot Radio, has released a half hour episode on performing on the road, recorded from the Love Earth Tour bus on the way to Texas.

Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir are planning to connect with the local arts scenes throughout their travels on the tour and are happy to receive communications from fans and other activists at 

Tour dates can be found at

Photo of Neil Young by Man Alive! from Flickr / Photo of Reverend Billy used with permission of Reverend Billy