Global Teach-In 2020: Reclaiming Urban and Rural Power

On June 15th, The Global Teach-In held its webinar entitled, “Reclaiming Urban and Rural Power: Models for Wealth Accumulation in an age of Austerity.”  

This year The Global Teach-In argues that the coronavirus crisis has worsened an already dire landscape of political and income inequality.

3 Speakers offered models to “provide a foundation for community wealth building and extending the capacities of local communities.” 



Genny Gkiougki explained an agricultural model from Agroecopolis .  It featured producers linking directly with consumers through social media.


Councillor Matthew Brown discussed the Preston model, wherein the city council partnered with other local institutions to build wealth in Preston and Lancashire.

South Africa

Sebonkile Thaba examined various projects that have support greater resilience in her community.  She spoke on crop diversity, focusing on the benefits of raising drought-resistant sweet potatoes.

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