Vaccine Questions Cheat Sheet

For radio stations who are interviewing local officials about the vaccine, here is a guide for some opening questions.  Developed with Physician Dr. Michael White (Baroque and Beyond) and Epidemiologist Dr. MarkAlain Dery (WHIV radio).


What is a virus?

When was the vaccine developed?

Why did it take so long for it to become available after it was developed?

How was it possible to develop the vaccine so quickly?
Does the fact that it was developed so quickly make it dangerous? 

Explain the roles of DNA and Messenger RNA in viruses and vaccination.

The code came from China – when did this happen and what does this mean?

Why were the Chinese able to decipher the code so quickly?

What is injected into our bodies when we are vaccinated against COvid 19?

What happens when it is injected? What remains in the body?

What is unique; how does this vaccine differ from prior vaccines in how it works?

What is exciting about this vaccine? 

Is it safe? Can the vaccine cause Covid 19?

Tell us about  Kizzekia Corbett, at Moderna


Two shots are required over several weeks. Are the two shots different and what does the second shot do?

Why do you feel bad after the second shot?

How long does the vaccine take to start having effect?

How long does immunity from the vaccine last?

Can you be contagious to others after you are vaccinated?

Is it still possible to get Covid 19 after you have been vaccinated?

Does the vaccine protect against mutations of the virus?



What guidelines were provided and by what federal agency?

Who in our state / county is making the decisions about how to implement vaccines in our area?

What are the phases dictating the schedule of who will get the vaccine?

Which professionals and public servants are being enlisted locally to give the vaccine?

How much of the vaccine has actually arrived in our area?

Why does the Pfizer Covid Vaccine require colder conditions than the Moderna Covid Vaccine?

Interview someone who has received the vaccine about their experience and how they feel about it.