Arun Kundnani, Imam Abdul Malaid Mujahid – The Muslim Ban

Arun Kundnani

Arun Kundnani is a lecturer at New York University and author of The Muslims are Coming! Islamophobia, Extremism, and the Domestic War on Terror.

“The United States has exported violence to the Middle East for decades and yet refuses to offer sanctuary to those forced to flee the consequences of that violence. A greater hypocrisy is hard to imagine,” Kundnani said recently.

Kundnani also wrote “Recharging the Batteries of Whiteness: Trump’s New Racial Identity Politics,” for

Imam Mujahid

Imam Mujahid, president of Sound Vision Foundation, speaks with Imams all over the country. He said recently, “President Donald Trump’s order banning most refugees unfairly singles out Muslims.”

Regarding the reported exception for minorities who are in danger of religious persecution, he said: “We are pleased that persecuted minorities are welcomed. However, discriminating against Muslims who are victims of the war-terror cycle is un-American.”

“I wonder how many Anne Franks will be denied entry into the U.S. because of the exclusion of Muslims. It reminds me of 1939, when the United States turned away hundreds of Jews who came here seeking shelter on the ship the MM St. Louis. That refusal led to the deaths of 254 people by the Nazis, [with] nearly a third of the passengers sent back to Europe.”

“Everyone entering the U.S. must be equally scrutinized by law enforcement.”

Talking with Kundnani and Mujahid

Arun Kundnani

Imam Abdul Malid Mujahid (via Gregg Cockrell)

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