Technical FAQ’s

If you have further questions, please contact AudioPort Technical Specialist, Otis Maclay: / 713-855-0605

How large of a file can I upload?

Currently, the limit is 310M.
(A 60 minute 128kbps mp3 file is around 57M.)

Can I upload files in advance?

Yes. Files do not appear until the Release Date you specify when you upload. You can upload more than one file with staggered release dates, i.e. you can upload a week’s worth of daily shows at the same time by setting the Release Dates.

How many files can I upload?

Though we may change this policy, we currently do not limit the number of files you can upload in total. Be aware, you can only upload one series file at a time (see below).

How long do my files stay on the server?

Though we may change this policy, we currently plan on keeping files on the server indefinitely.

Can I use FTP access instead of my browser?

No, for security reasons, FTP posting or retrieving is not allowed.

How do I set the automation up?

Automation in AudioPort is done through RSS, just like a podcast.
AudioPort will generate an RSS link for each episode of your series.

Important:  If you are uploading a series, be sure you upload only one segment and one version. RSS is not too smart, and will only reference the first thing it sees which may not be what you want.

If you upload promos for your series, create another series
(like ‘<name_of_show> Promo’.
This allows automation for promos as well as the show itself.