Danbert Nobacon – Shakespeare and Global Warming

What Would Shakespeare Do…About Global Warming? CD SINGLE RELEASE
Monday, November 30, 2015

As the earth is propelled to the brink of destruction by capitalism, Danbert Nobacon asks, “What would Shakespeare do? Write a play about it, perhaps?” And just like that, the Liberty Bell Drama Company wrote such plays.

To Be or Not To Be, originally released as a single in 2015, grew out of a snippet of a song from their 2015 play Brain Circus NY 2025. The song is now a part of a full length album titled Stardust to Darwinstuff “Chemistry” was featured in the play Mirificus High premiering in April 2014.

Nobacon is formerly of British punk group Chumbawamba.

Talking with Danbert Nobacon

Nobacon is available to discuss his music and art, and the state of the planet. He has published essays on a variety of subjects in the New York web magazine, The Weeklings.

Danbert Nobacon can be reached at: