Karen Kwiatkowski – U.S. Troops and Chalabi

An Age of Innocence in 2015

Lieutenant Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski, USAF, Retired, worked in the Pentagon’s Near East and South Asia office. She retired in the spring of 2003, during the week of what she calls the “lie-based and illegal invasion of Iraq.”

Kwiatkowski stated in an interview:

“I think they are looking for an excuse to up the ante, to send more troops and to have a crisis of some sort. Clearly the president has been lying, and so has Ash Carter, about what their real intentions are. So, in my opinion, I think this is provocative and I think it is calculated to put our troops in danger.”

Kwiatkowski is an author for Lew Rockwell. One piece of interest is titled, “An Age of Innocence, In Retrospect.”

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