LPFM Station Affiliation

As the literal embodiment of local media, your radio station is a unique and important service. You are able to respond to the specific needs of your community and you are a platform for local voices.

Joining Pacifica Network opens up an exchange between your local perspectives and national perspectives.

With Pacifica affiliation, your station will:

  • Expand its programming with easy access to national and international news and other high quality programs
  • Create a national platform for local voices and provide training for your producers as they begin developing programs
  • Easily exchange programs and ideas with other radio stations
  • Enhance your reputation as a valued community resource
  • Gain fundraising support
  • Improve the technical quality of your broadcasts

As the mother of grassroots community radio, Pacifica is a powerful ally for low-powered stations. We support and defend low-powered initiatives and take special measures to make your participation in the Pacifica Network a reality.

Check out the Ten Valuable Features of Pacifica Affiliation to find out what Pacifica can do for you.

Thank you for your interest in affiliating with us please fill out our Affiliate Interest Application, we look forward to hearing from you.

What LPFM Stations say about us

“We have limited funds and staff due to our small size. Pacifica allows us to obtain high quality programming on important issues and current events. Pacifica is the key to our success.”
Bryan French
General Manager, WVJW-LP

Benwood, West Virginia 

“We became a Pacifica affiliate even before we were on the air. Pacifica programming supports our intent to be a community forum for voices and viewpoints generally ignored or misrepresented by the corporate media.”
Ginny Welsch
General Manager,WRFN-LP

Nashville, Tennessee 

“Pacifica affiliation made it possible for us to go on the air. Pacifica programming is the anchor for all our national and international news programming and a great means of fundraising.”
Ted Schoenborn
General Manager, KPOV-LP
Bend, Oregon

“Democracy Now! is our most popular show. No other station airs it here. We have six Clear Channel stations, seven Citadel, and two public radio stations (owned by the same organization) with little local content. We use the Pacifica AudioPort in almost every episode of our locally produced Topics of Our Times. It airs at 4 PM on Saturdays; you can listen online at www.kyrs.org.”
Lupito Flores
General Manager, KYRS-LP
Spokane, Washington 

“We depend on Pacifica programming. We air Democracy Now! twice each weekday, and it is quite likely the most popular program we offer. In addition we air a wide selection of Pacifica programs weekly and one-time specials on a fairly regular basis.”
Bob Wight
General Manager, KHEN-LP
Salida, Colorado 

“KBRP-LP’s Pacifica affiliation serves the needs of our diverse community  by providing the listeners in our remote area access with quality, unembedded, national and international news and programming. In our rural community there is no other radio station serving the area.  Our Pacifica affiliation forms a major part of this community radio’s identity and sets the standard for our own locally-produced reporting. We credit much of our success in the community to the credibility, strength and direction derived from our Pacifica affiliation.”
Jill Thomas
General Manager, KBRP-LP
Bisbee, Arizona

“Affiliation with Pacifica has strengthened both our service to our community and our station. Pacifica’s audio resources help our producers to bring high-quality programming to our local community. The AudioPort has brought us listeners across the continent, in Canada, and in Europe. Affiliation gives a seat at the network’s  table and a voice to address issues important to LPFMs and their communities.”
Tim Stone
President, Board of Trustees, WSCA-LP
Portsmouth, New Hampshire