Public Radio Affiliation

Public service is your mission. You strive to ensure that your listeners hear the broadest range of responsible points of view, the whole story and the story behind the headlines.

Pacifica can help. With Pacifica affiliation, your station will:

  • Complement public radio programming with Pacifica’s independent grassroots news and information programming
  • Easily exchange programs and ideas with other radio stations that share your values and your concerns
  • Encourage in-house production with resources for gathering and distributing content
  • Offer listeners diverse views and voices, a wide spectrum of public opinion and progressive perspectives
  • Expand programming with access to the Pacifica Archives, a national treasure documenting peace and justice movements and the voices of our cultural heritage
  • Increase public support and fundraising ability

Pacifica is a powerful ally strengthening your radio station. We offer your listeners the rich legacy of listener-supported, listener-governed radio and the tradition of the oldest noncommercial radio network. With this programming, your station can seize a vital public service opportunity.

Check out the Ten Valuable Features of Pacifica Affiliation to find out what Pacifica can do for you.

Thank you for your interest in affiliating with us please fill out our Affiliate Interest Application, we look forward to hearing from you.

What Public Radio Stations Say About Us

“Pacifica complements our NPR programming and helps raise KUNM’s profile in our community. The Pacifica AudioPort lets our producers collaborate with producers around the country and acquire sound to include in our productions. Being in the Pacifica Network increases KUNM’s value as a community resource.”
Richard Towne
General Manager, KUNM
Albuquerque, NM

“Democracy Now! has really helped build our audience during the afternoon news block and it has been very important in our fundraising. The show has been hugely successful. It has brought a whole new audience to KUNM and it has allowed us to diversify our listenership”
Marcos Martinez
Program Director, KUNM
Albuquerque, NM

“Since day one, Democracy Now! has consistently outperformed both Morning Edition and All Things Considered, both during fund drives and in listener loyalty. For many listeners, it is the high point of our broadcast day. We highly recommend adding Democracy Now! to any station looking to expand the reach and scope of their news programming. I can’t imagine KZYX without Pacifica programming which is an indispensable part of our programming schedule, giving voice to progressive perspectives that are almost completely absent from mainstream media.”
Mary Aigner
Program Director, KZYX
Philo, CA

“The response to Democracy Now! over the last six years has been overwhelming. The show raises more money for us than either Morning Edition or All Things Considered. The message from our community is clear – Democracy Now! is an essential part of our programming schedule.”
Christine Ahern
General Manager, WJFF
Jeffersonville, NY

“Listeners appreciate hearing the same story told by different voices. We provide programs that wouldn’t otherwise be heard in our listening area, programs such as Democracy Now! and independently produced programs such as Counterspin and Making Contact. Without these programs, stations are missing a public service opportunity and a big fundraising source.”
Michael Black
General Manager, WEOS
Geneva, NY