Community Radio Affiliation

As a community radio station, you are a vital resource, bringing news, analysis, and culture to your community in these rapidly changing times. Joining Pacifica Network can help you fulfill that public trust. With affiliation, your station will:

  • Expand programming with easy access to independent, diverse sources of national and international news and information
  • Connect your local community with a national community radio network
  • Easily exchange programs and ideas with other community radio stations
  • Enhance your reputation as a valued community resource
  • Gain fundraising support
  • Improve the technical quality of your broadcasts.

As the mother of community radio, Pacifica is a powerful ally. bringing you the nation’s longest tradition of grassroots radio. Today, we are a meeting place for radio stations with shared values.

Check out the Ten Valuable Features of Pacifica Affiliation to find out what Pacifica can do for you.

Thank you for your interest in affiliating with us please fill out our Affiliate Interest Application We look forward to hearing from you.