Welcome to, your network-wide content-sharing portal. can be used to:

  1. Download content for broadcast
  2. Upload content for network-wide distribution
  3. Stream some programs and stream live special programming
  4. Store/share content privately in their “Workroom” i.e. their private area of the AudioPort server

Only network member stations can download content from this website.

Sharing content and server space to member radio stations are the only functions of this web site. There is no public access; it is a “wholesale” facility. Think of it as a warehouse for our network where you can go in to grab radio content. Activity in AudioPort is framed as “program exchanges only for broadcast purposes” within the closed system of our network. Understanding this distinction is important to protect our legal ability to distribute content on the Internet, and to protect the content-producers, who voluntarily make their programs available.

There is no payment for distributing work via AudioPort. There is no cost to distributing work via AudioPort. AudioPort includes content from independent producers who have been vetted. These independent producers can use AudioPort to distribute content to you but cannot download content.

We hope that at some point, your station will upload content with grassroots voices from your area to this international platform.

As a network affiliate, your station is given an umbrella account under which your staff and producers will receive their own individual accounts. Your local umbrella account is administered by one or more local AudioPort Managers.

Pacifica Network management can also manage your umbrella account when necessary. However, we ask you to normally manage these umbrella accounts locally to respect chains of command at your station. We rely on you to vet who has access, in order to uphold the quality and integrity of AudioPort.  

Please contact us if you have questions or need help:

  • Ursula Ruedenberg, Pacifica Affiliates Coordinator / 510-812-7989 / 
  • Stephanie Schubert, Network operations coordinator /