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Anthon Samuel

Documentary Filmmaker
Miami, - Born and raised in Miami, passionate filmmakers Alex Quin & Anthon Samuel unveil a deeply impactful project, "TAKE A RIDE Miami," which sheds light on the untold stories of the city's residents. The film confronts the challenges faced by Miami residents on a daily basis, and aims to raise awareness about these pressing issues.

The film's trailer draws over 1 million views, exposing Miami's battle against gun violence on Amazon Prime Video.

Contact: Anthon Samuel

Kineret Sherman

Author, Life Coach, Spiritual Care Provider
In 2015, at age 43, Kineret discovered she had Stage II rectal cancer. At age 44, it was Stage III. Eight years later, she is cancer-free. To heal, she utilized both traditional and alternative modalities and learned about how emotions contribute to disease and how we can use that understanding to release resentment and guilt.

Healing the Deepest Wounds: Life-Giving Lessons from My Journey with Rectal Cancer Stage II/III has struck a chord with diverse populations: patients with many types of cancer or any disease, their loved ones, and their doctors, nurses, and caregivers.

Judy Katz 917-841-1843 /

Hanna Qassis

Palestinian journalist and an alumnus of the UC Berkeley Graduate School for Journalism.
"I have covered news from the West Bank for years, including the 2012 and 2014 wars on Gaza and I have extensive knowledge of the area, players, and political developments. I am also fluent in English and Arabic"

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