Internet Station Affiliation

wxojcontrolroomAs an Internet station, yours is a unique and important service. You are able to respond to specific needs of your local community while serving a global audience through the Internet.

Joining the Pacifica Network opens up an exchange between your local perspectives and national perspectives.

With Pacifica affiliation, your station will:

  • Expand its programming with easy access to national and international news and other high quality programs
  • Create a national platform for local voices and provide training for your producers as they begin developing programs
  • Easily exchange programs and ideas with other radio stations
  • Enhance your reputation as a valued community resource
  • Gain fundraising support
  • Improve the technical quality of your broadcasts

As the mother of grassroots community radio, Pacifica is a powerful ally for Internet stations. We support and defend Internet initiatives and take special measures to make your participation in the Pacifica Network a reality.

Check out the Ten Valuable Features of Pacifica Affiliation to find out what Pacifica can do for you.

Thank you for your interest in affiliating with us please fill out our Affiliate Interest Application, we look forward to hearing from you.

What Internet Stations say about us

“Affiliation with the Pacifica Affiliates Network allowed our station to provide credible, well-produced programs at a very affordable rate. By having professional grade content in our lineup, we set the bar high for our local producers, most of whom are newcomers to radio. Plus, we added some very interesting content for our listeners.”
Susan Raybuck
President, Manager of Wimberley Valley Radio
Wimberley, Texas

“Geneva Community Radio is pleased to be a Pacifica affiliate. We rely heavily on Audioport for our syndicated programming needs. The site offers a wide range of programming options that we feel are perfect for community radio stations with a diverse program schedule.”
Jason Longwell, Station Manager
Geneva Community Radio
Geneva, New York