John Wagner – Troubled Mission

Fighting for Human Rights

Thousands of human rights activists around the world are fighting for the basic rights and freedoms entitled to everyone. While many of them provide famous faces (Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousafzai, et. al.) to this work, there are many more working behind the scenes who we never get a chance to learn about.

John Wagner was a successful lawyer with a nice house, good friends and financial stability. After a study trip to Peru, Wagner decided to give up everything and work for a human rights organization in a country rift with violence.

What possesses someone to do this? For the first time, Wagner is sharing his story through his book, Troubled Mission: Fighting for Love, Spirituality, and Human Rights in Violence-Ridden Peru. It is a truly remarkable tale of forbidden love, betrayal, spiritual transformation and dramatic physical and legal conflicts.

Talking with John Wagner

In an entertaining and eye-opening interview, Wagner can discuss the following:

  • What drove him to leave a successful career in the U.S. to do human rights work in Peru
  • Why he still chooses to do human rights work in Peru, even after receiving a death threat followed by a live machine-gun
  • What it was truly like to be a missioner
  • Living alongside chaos; horrific disappearances and killings, crippling diseases, severe drought, malnutrition, teacher strikes, a dictatorship and a police state with troops and tanks throughout the city
  • Some of the amazing stories from his time in Peru – from the nun-candidate who asked him to teach her about sex before taking vows, to the ups and downs of falling in love in a foreign country
  • …and much more!

To schedule an interview with John Wagner, contact:
Erin MacDonald-Birnbaum | 856-489-8654 x302