Dr. Marcee White – Safe Medicine Storage

National Poison Prevention Week March 19–25, 2017

Poison control centers receive one call minute. The amount of children that end up in the emergency room due to accidental medicine poisonings could fill about four school buses a day.

A report released by Safe Kids Worldwide, “Safe Medicine Storage: A Look at the Disconnect Between Parent Knowledge and Behavior,” explores the gap between what parents know they should do to keep kids safe around medicine and what they actually do. A new nationwide survey of 2,000 parents revealed that while the clear majority of parents agree that it’s important to store all medicine out of sight and up high after every use, less than half of the survey respondents reported doing so.

What Families Can Do to Protect Kids

  • Store medicine up and away and out of sight and reach every time
  • Keep medicine in its original child-resistant packaging
  • Practice safe storage of medicine as soon as your first child is born
  • Put the Poison Help number into your phone and post it visibly at home
  • Instead of keeping your medicine out in the open, use safe reminder tools like cell phone alarms or medication schedules.

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