New England Sports Village – Concierge of Youth Sports

Concierge Service in Youth Sports

Joe Fitzpatrick and Dave Boucher have created a concierge type service in youth sports for busy families. The concept is attracting attention from people all over the United States, and the two fathers believe this will be the model for all youth sports moving forward.

Parents of over scheduled children knows that shuttling kids to their activities can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Tommy has lacrosse and soccer, Olivia has dance and hockey, Madison has to get to ice skating then karate. You still need to drop of the dry cleaning, figure out something to make for dinner, and ensure that all homework gets done just in time to get up and do it all over again tomorrow.

Practice Together, Relax Together

It’s not just about consolidating everyone’s schedule; parents want to actually see and enjoy these activities with their children and bring the family together in one place. The New England Sports Village creates an environment where children of all athletic abilities can come together not only to play and train, but to relax and reconnect with the entire family.

Located in Attleboro, MA, the New England Sports Village is a one-stop shop for busy families set in a campus like setting. Parents can sneak in a workout at the gym, grab a nice dinner, or sit and sip your coffee, all while the kids are at practice. The New England Sports Village is an undertaking like no other in the youth sports world and the developers are open to speaking about their vision and why they felt this village was needed.

To book an interview with Fitzpatrick and Boucher, contact:
Kelly Cinelli | 774-218-6490