Doctor William Miller – Breast Cancer Awareness

What History is Teaching Us About Breast Cancer in the 21st Century

Breast cancer affects one in eight women. If you are considering an interview to bring about awareness in any month, consider speaking with Dr. William Miller. Doctor Miller has been a physician in academic and private practice for over 30 years and author of the book The Microcosm Within: Evolution and Extinction in the Hologenome.

The common focal point of discussion for causes of breast cancer have been family history or having particular genetic variants. However, the fact remains that actual causes are still unknown, despite nearly two centuries of study.

New discoveries of our microbiome reveal the possible connection between gut bacteria and the incidence of breast cancer. Doctor Miller reveals:

“…with all these discoveries, there is good news. We live in an era of unprecedented scientific progress. In that process, we are finding that some old ideas are again new with some findings now certain. Breast cancer, among many other diseases, must now be reconsidered in light of these new realities in the on going search for improved diagnostic alternatives and treatments.”

Talking with Dr. Miller

In an eye-opening and informative interview, Dr. Miller can discuss:

  • Three things every woman needs to do, no matter your genetic or family risk of cancer
  • Why most breast cancers occur in women who don’t have any specific and identifiable risk factors
  • Why the actual cause of breast cancer is still unknown despite nearly two centuries of study
  • The renewed interest in the medical community on the hypothesis that antibiotic use is related to the incidence of breast cancer
  • The several potential links between our microbiome and breast cancer
  • The link between gut bacteria and breast cancer
  • …and much more!

To book an interview with Dr. Miller, contact:
Erin MacDonald-Birnbaum | 856-489-8654 x302