Anton Schwartz – The Responsive Chord

“I read The Responsive Chord as a freshman in college and it affected everything I’ve ever made since. Its message is practical and deep.”’ Ira Glass, host and creator of This American Life.

The Responsive Chord

Tony Schwartz is a legendary media guru. He created commercials for more than four hundred corporations and five presidential campaigns, with the most iconic being the “Daisy” ad. Created for President Lyndon B. Johnson, the ad shows a young girl holding a flower in front of a nuclear explosion. In 2016, the Clinton campaign made its own version against now President Donald Trump, and confirms that Tony’s message resonates decades after its creation. Anton Schwartz, his son, watched his father tap into mass media’s power. Anton is now an accomplished musician and carries on his father’s message thought a second edition of The Responsive Chord. It features online access to discussed audio and video, along with a new foreword by John Carey, Professor of Communications and Media Management at Fordham.

Schwartz’s insights speak directly to a generation who gets most of their information on the world from mobile media and partisan pundits.

Talking with Anton Schwartz

Anton can discuss the following:

  • Applying ideas from the book to 21st century media
  • Tony’s theory of resonance and how it helped President Trump get elected
  • Hillary Clinton’s version of the iconic Daisy commercial
  • How Tony became an expert in mass communication when there were only three TV networks
  • Memories of famous and interesting people Anton met during his childhood
  • Why 2017 is the right time for the long-awaited release of the second edition

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