Tamara Neal – Seven Years of 911 Call from Women

What I Wish All Women Knew

Certified Domestic Relationship Coach Tamara Neal was a 911 emergency communication technician for seven years. In that time, she answered thousands of calls for help in response to domestic violence assaults, stabbings, gunshot wounds, and rapes.

Over the years, Neal learned a lot about how women can protect themselves.  She is sharing her expert insight through her new book, Venomous Relationships: Learn How to Avoid Common Relationship Bloopers.

Speaking with Tamara Neal

Neal can speak with candor, honesty and eye-opening insight. She is able to discuss the following:

  • Three things every woman should know before jumping into a new relationship
  • Five tell-tale traits of a toxic relationship
  • Why women find it so hard to admit they’re being abused
  • Why far too many cases go unrecognized
  • Her experience as a 911 dispatcher
  • Her personal story of the pain of being in a venomous relationship

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