Programs on Audioport

Audioport is an online platform for syndication of radio content to Pacifica affiliates for for broadcast purposes. Content is produced within the network and additionally by independent production groups. To share your show on audioport, contact Affiliates wanting to use syndicated content can see a copy of the Audioport user agreement here.

SeriesFrequency of ProgramTypeLengthWebsite
30 Minute CutDailyNews, EconomicsHalf HourWebsite
4:20 Drug War NewsDailyPublic Affairs3 minWebsite
All Mixed UpWeeklyMusic2-HourWebsite
Antiwar Radio with Scott HortonWeeklyNewsHalf HourWebsite
Arts Express RadioWeeklyCultureHourWebsite
Attitude with Arnie ArnesenDailyPolitics and FeminismHourWebsite
Background Briefing with Ian MastersDailyNational, Intl. NewsHourWebsite
Baroque and BeyondWeeklyMusicHourWebsite
Behind the News with Doug HenwoodWeeklyNewsHourWebsite
Between The Lines Radio NewsmagazineWeeklyNewsHalf HourWebsite
Big Picture ScienceWeeklyScienceHourWebsite
Black History 365DailyAfrican History / PSA1 Minute
Blues AmericaWeeklyMusic, BluesHourWebsite
BookwavesWeeklyCultureHalf HourWebsite
Cat Beast PartyWeeklyMusic2-HourWebsite
Catskill Review of BooksWeeklyCultureHalf HourWebsite
Century of LiesWeeklyPublic Affairs / DrugsHalf HourWebsite
Climate ConnectionsDailyEnvironmental90 SecWebsite
Lila Garrett's Connect the DotsWeeklyPolitical TalkHourWebsite
Conversation EarthWeeklyEnvironmentalHalf HourWebsite
CounterSpinWeeklyNewsHalf HourWebsite
Cultural BaggageWeeklyPublic Affairs / DrugsHalf HourWebsite
CurrentCastDailyEnvironmental1 MinuteWebsite
Down the RoadWeeklyJazz / Blues Music2-HourWebsite
Economic UpdateWeeklyPublic AffairsHourWebsite
El Sur En El NorteWeeklySpanish-language NewsHour
First Voices Indigenous RadioWeeklyPublic Affairs / American IndianHalf HourWebsite
Flashpoint Daily NewsmagazineDailyNewsHourWebsite
Food Sleuth RadioWeeklyEnvironment / HealthHalf HourWebsite
For Women Over 40WeeklyWomen, LifestylesHalf HourWebsite
Fourth Corner Jazz~ BiweeklyLive Jazz MusicHour
From The VaultWeeklyCultural HistoryHalf Hour and HourWebsite
Full Moon HacksawWeeklyJazz / Blues Music2-HourWebsite
Geezer RockWeeklyMusicHourWebsite
Gifts and MessagesWeeklyMusic, Jazz2-HourWebsite
Good HeavensDailySpirituality2-MinuteWebsite
Green News ReportTwice weeklyNews6-MinuteWebsite
Guerilla Ignition RadioWeeklySoul / Jazz MusicHourWebsite
Guns and ButterWeeklyPublic AffairsHourWebsite
Hard Knock RadioDailyPublic affairs, Arts / CultureHourWebsite
If That Ain't CountryWeeklyMusic, Country3 HoursWebsite
In Other NewsWeeklyNews, TalkHourWebsite
In The KnowWeeklyCulture, Music2-HourWebsite
Indie BohemiansWeeklyConversations with MusiciansHourWebsite
Indigenous in Music with Larry KnudsenWeeklyIndigenous Music2-HourWebsite
informativo pacificaDailySpanish-language NewsHalf HourWebsite
Inner Revolutionary RadioWeeklyPublic Affairs, TalkHourWebsite
Juke in the BackWeeklyMusicHourWebsite
Late Night ParentsWeeklyParentingHourWebsite
Latin WavesWeeklyPublic AffairsHalf HourWebsite
Laura Flanders ShowWeeklyPublic AffairsHalf Hour Website
Law and DisorderWeeklyPublic AffairsHourWebsite
Letters and Politics with Mitch JeserichDailyPolitics, InterviewHourWebsite
Louisiana Barn DanceWeeklyCountry, Boogie-woogie, Cajun MusicHourWebsite
Making ContactWeeklyPublic AffairsHalf HourWebsite
Mayo Clinic RadioWeeklyHealth40 MinutesWebsite
Moccasin TracksWeeklyEnvironmentalHourWebsite
Money Matters Economic and Market CommentaryEvery-other-weekly Economic News / Market AnalysisHourWebsite
Money Matters briefWeeklyEconomic News / Market Analysis5 MinutesWebsite
Music Factory Radio ShowWeeklyMusicHour
Music LagniappeWeeklyMusic4-HourWebsite
MyNDTALK with Dr. Pamela BrewerDailyMental HealthHourWebsite
Nether StreetWeeklyUnderground Music2-HourWebsite
Nonviolence RadioEvery other weeklyNonviolenceHourWebsite
Not Another Sports ShowWeeklySportsHourWebsite
Nuclear HotseatWeeklyInternational, NuclearHourWebsite
On the GroundWeeklyActivism / African American / Washington DCHourWebsite
ParadigmsWeeklyEnvironmental, Sustainability, InterviewHourWebsite
Peace Talks RadioWeeklyNonviolence, Conflict resolutionHourWebsite
Planetary RadioWeeklyScienceHalf HourWebsite
Point PuzzleWeeklyEntertainment2 MinutesWebsite
Progressive SpiritWeeklyReligionHalf hourWebsite
Project CensoredWeeklyPublic AffairsHourWebsite
Radio CuriousWeeklyAuthor InterviewsHalf HourWebsite
Radio EcoshockWeeklyEnvironmentalHourWebsite
Radio Theater ProjectWeeklyTheaterHalf Hour
Ralph Nader Radio HourWeeklyPublic AffairsHourWebsite
Reasonably Catholic: Keeping the FaithEvery-other-weeklyReligionHourWebsite
Red Witch's Green GardenWeeklyGardening, PaganismHour
RFN WeekendWeeklyRadio Free Nashville MusicTwo HoursWebsite
Rising Up with SonaliDailyNews / Public Affairs / ActivismHourWebsite
Rootstock RadioWeeklyFood, SustainabilityHalf HourWebsite
Scholars' Circle WeeklyPublic AffairsHourWebsite
Sea Change RadioWeeklyEnvironment, TechnologyHalf HourWebsite
Sips, Suds & SmokesWeeklyBeer, ComedyHourWebsite
Sojourner TruthDailyNews / DiversityHourWebsite
Song of the SoulWeeklySpirituality / MusicHourWebsite
Sound BeatDailyHistory of Recorded Music90-SecondWebsite
Speak Up, Speak OutWeeklyTalkHalf Hour
Spirit in ActionWeeklySpiritualityHourWebsite
Spoiler Alert RadioWeeklyFilmHalf HourWebsite
Sprouts: Radio from the GrassrootsWeeklyPublic AffairsHalf HourWebsite
StorylandMonthlyChildren's ProgrammingHalf HourWebsite
The Earth Wants YOU!ActivismHourWebsite
Talk Nation RadioWeeklyPublic AffairsHalf HourWebsite
The BradCast with Brad FriedmanDailyNewsHourWebsite
The David Pakman ShowDailyNewsHourWebsite
The FLip SideWeeklyMusicHourWebsite
The Future of WhatWeeklyMusic Industry, InterviewHourWebsite
The Jimmy Dore ShowWeeklyComedyHourWebsite
The Michael Slate ShowWeeklyNews, CommunismHourWebsite
The MonitorWeeklyNewsHourWebsite
The Poet and the Poem from the Library of CongressWeeklyPoetryHalf HourWebsite
The Quiet StormWeeklyJazz, R&B Music2-HourWebsite
The Rock'n Down Under/every-other-weeklyMusic, Australian rock2 HoursWebsite
The Shaggy Jenkins ShowWeeklyPolitics / PerspectivesHourWebsite
The Shortwave ReportWeeklyGlobal NewsHalf HourWebsite
The SpinWeeklyWomen's Issues1 hourWebsite
The TaxcastMonthlyEconomicsHalf HourWebsite
The Thom Hartmann ProgramDailyNews, PoliticsThree HourWebsite
The Thomas Jefferson HourWeeklyHistoryHourWebsite
The Union EdgeDailyPublic AffairsThree HourWebsite
This Way OutWeeklyPublic Affairs, LBGTQHalf HourWebsite
Tom and Doug ShowWeeklyComedy, MusicHalf HourWebsite
Tony Martignetti Nonprofit RadioWeeklyNonprofit issuesHourWebsite
Trance on the PorchWeeklyClub Music2 HourWebsite
Truthdig RadioWeeklyNewsHourWebsite
TUC RadioWeeklyPublic Affairs, ConsciousnessHalf HourWebsite
UpFront SoulWeeklyMusic, Soul2 HoursWebsite
Voice of the GoddessWeeklyAncient Cultures, SocialismHour
We Do the WorkWeeklyNewsHalf HourWebsite
What's the Frequency, Kenneth?WeeklyPolitics and Media / Radio ArtsHourWebsite
Worker Independent News (WIN)DailyPublic Affairs / Labor3 MinutesWebsite
WINGSWeeklyWomen, Public AffairsHalf HourWebsite
World Ocean Radio (WOR)WeeklyEnvironmental5 - 6 MinutesWebsite
World of MetalWeeklyHeavy metal musicHour
Writer's VoiceWeeklyCultureHourWebsite
Your Own Health And FitnessWeeklyHealthHourWebsite