“Work Week Radio” on “The Morning Mix”

Steve Zeltzer, Producer

Monday from 8:00-9:00 AM (PST) on KPFA (94.1), Berkeley, California

Monday mornings on “The Morning Mix,” Steve Zeltzer hosts “Work Week Radio.” The program focuses primarily on issues of health and safety, on injured workers and workers’ rights, sometimes in conjunction with the Injured Workers National Network (IWNN at iwnn.org). Steve is an outspoken advocate for vulnerable workers in un-unionized, unregulated bio-tech industries, most recently publicizing the plight of Becky McClain who, as the health and safety officer in her unit at Pfizer, was fired for making OSHA health and safety complaints about potentially dangerous releases of biological materials. The program also covers issues of discrimination, union organizing and the history of labor and is currently drawing particular national attention to the organizing actions of Wal-Mart workers. Currently Steve is preparing March broadcasts of a San Francisco Forum on the Second Anniversary of the Fukushima Meltdown and of a New York City Symposium on the accident’s medical and ecological impacts.

“Work Week Radio” is archived on KPFA’s website and is also podcast. Steve Zeltzer can be reached at 415 867-0628 andlvpsf@labornet.org.