Labor Forum

Dianne Mathiowetz, Producer
Tuesday, Wednesday from 4:30-5:00 PM (EST), WRFG (89.3)

The Labor Forum program opens with the song “We Do the Work” by Jon Fromer and closes with Sweet Honey in the Rock, “Gonna Stand.” In the intevening 25 minutes, retired autoworker and activist, Dianne Mathiowetz discusses issues of importance to workers and their families with those on the frontlines of union drives, anti-foreclosure campaigns, healthcare legislation, defenders of immigrant, women’s, LGBTQ rights, and opponents of US war, occupation and intervention. Guests have ranged from AFSCME workers occupying the Wisconsin Capitol to DeKalb County, Ga. sanitation workers fighting for a union to foreclosed homeowners who have re-occupied their homes to an analysis of the US/NATO attack on Libya. The program promotes working class solidarity and action across all borders and boundaries .It is streamed and podcast at laborforumwrfg.podomatic. com There is also a Labor Forum WRFG facebook page. The e-mail is

Dianne Mathiowetz can be reached at 404.622.7517