Heartland Labor Forum

Judy Ancel, Producer
Thursdays from 6:00-7:00 PM (CT) and rebroadcast Fridays from 5:00 to 6:00 AM (CT) on KKFI (90.1), Kansas City, Missouri; live-streamed at www.kkfi.org.

“Heartland Labor Forum” is “radio that talks back to the boss!”…and, as “Kansas City’s only program about the workplace,” has been “agitating for the rights of working people since 1989.” Programs address local, national and international issues—“labor struggles and strikes, organizing in Kansas City, global sweatshops, and how the economy is working from the point of view of working people”—and include monthly features: “Know Your Rights,” “Safety First,” “Economics Unmasked,” and “Washington
Window on Workers.” Judy says, “Our goals are not only to inform listeners about the vital role labor plays but to help working people find their voice through radio. Over the years dozens of Kansas City area workers have developed skills of radio production and built their confidence through this show.” Recent airings have addressed “right to work” issues, guns in schools, forming a co-op, and tax policies for job creation; listeners can subscribe to the program’s bi-monthly schedule by sending an email. Hosted by a diverse working group that includes artists, educators, bus and UPS drivers, veterans, union members and immigrant-rights activists in coordination with the UMKC’s Labor Studies Program, “Heartland Labor Forum” has “won the International Labor Communications Association first prize several times.”

Judy Ancel can be reached at (816) 235-1470 or ancelj@umkc.edu. Programs are archived on the labor studies website. Listeners can like the program on Facebook.