Station PSA’s and Greetings

There is a section in AudioPort for COVID-19 radio station PSA’s and greetings.  This can help stations stay in touch with audiences and each other during the pandemic.

1) PSA’s

If you can, please contribute PSA’s others can use.  Generic would be best, so others won’t have to edit it to take our local references or station id’s.


Example: COVID-19 PSA-checking for symptoms

2) Station Greetings

Let’s use our organization of wonderful people for comfort and connection. 

If you can, please contribute an audio greeting other radio stations in the network can play to their listeners.  Include your name, location, and identify yourself as a station in the network.  Less than half a minute is good for length.  We’ll start with a message from the Pacifica Office.  

NAMING CONVENTION:  COVID-19 Greeting from (station, location)

Example: COVID-19 Greeting from KHOI Ames Iowa

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay.