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KKFI’s Heartland Labor Forum: Fighting for Working People for Over 25 Years


Today, the Pacifica Network recognizes Program Coordinator Judy Ancel and the group of workers and labor activists responsible for KKFI’s Heartland Labor Forum. Started in 1988, KKFI 90.1 has been Kansas City’s independent, noncommercial community radio station for more than

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Workers of the World Speak Out: Pacifica and Community Affiliates Put Your Voices On the Air

Through these years of economic chaos and debate, through endless cycles of electioneering, we have been bombarded by pundits armed with numbers—10% unemployed, over 46 million living below an absurdly-outdated poverty line, a $7.25 federal minimum wage yearly falling further

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FROM WIN: Black Friday: A Bright Day For Wal-Mart Workers As They Make Their Voices Heard In Nationwide Actions

By Doug Cunningham This is a Black Friday like no other for the world’s largest retailer. Wal-Mart workers today are striking and their supporters are boycotting Wal-Mart. The Black Friday action comes after years of Wal-Mart workers struggling to improve wages

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