The Affiliates Task Force focuses on understanding, communication and expansion of the Pacifica Affiliates Program.  It shall be an advisory group to the Affiliates Coordinator, the two elected Affiliate Directors and to support the Pacifica Affiliates Program.  The Task Force is unique because it includes Pacifica’s clients (Affiliates) as well as Pacifica. This is due to the fact that the Affiliates are not only clients receiving services from Pacifica, but also partners in collaboration in democratic media.

Consistent with the Pacifica Mission, the Task Force’s mission is to facilitate communications between all parties within Pacifica and the Pacifica Affiliate Network; and to advance the practice and pursuit of sustaining and expanding grassroots community radio. The Task Force shall strive to increase the capacity of the Pacifica Affiliate Network through an exploration of mutual benefits: by working together, sharing programming, resources, information and economic stability.

Anyone from an Affiliate station or Pacifica’s Network is welcome to participate in the Task Force, as long as they follow the four principles stated below:

  1. Participants respect the responsibilities and authority of affiliates’ General Managers in their contractual and financial relationships with Pacifica Foundation.
  2. Participants respect the responsibilities and authority of Pacifica staff in their contractual and financial relationships with Affiliate station.
  3. Participants respect the responsibilities and authority of members of the PNB
  4. Pacifica staff and board members (and affiliate general managers if they are involved) respect the right and responsibility of the Task Force to organize itself as it sees fit to be most effective and to make recommendations as an advisory body.

Voting, Co-Meeting Facilitators and Monthly Meetings
When voting is involved, only Task Force members who have attended three consecutive meetings (the meeting of the vote and two meetings immediately prior to the vote) shall be allowed to vote. The Task Force will elect Co-Meeting Facilitators (who shall be PNB Directors, who are elected members of the Task Force) and a Secretary (who shall be any member of the Task Force). In order to select permanent yearly Facilitators, there shall be a pro tem Facilitator for the first three meetings.  The Task Force shall meet a minimum of once a month.

Policy Recommendations 
Most of the Task Force’s work is collaboration, information-gathering, and communication. In order to secure institutional support for the network, there may, occasionally, be a need to make policy recommendations to the PNB and/or staff.

Task Force Reports
All Task Force reports and communications shall be first approved by the Task Force.

Operations and Subcommittee Structure
The Task Force provides a forum for input and discussion about the needs of affiliates and Pacifica, and for developing the Affiliates Network. It provides a support system for this process. It also works on individual advisory projects. These are implemented by subcommittees, in coordination with the Affiliates Coordinator. Subcommittees currently being recommended include (but are not limited to) a Survey Subcommittee for gathering information about affiliates’ needs and a subcommittee for financial development. These are being recommended in response to needs that have become evident during this past year.