Content Offered by Pacifica Network

Pacifica affiliation entitles your station to receive all program services, regardless of your fee level. There are no additional costs for programs or services.

Pacifica enjoys a creative partnership with all network stations in collaborating on grass roots radio production. We do not dictate policy or program decisions in any form or fashion to our affiliates.

For more information, contact Pacifica Affiliates Coordinator Ursula Ruedenberg at or 510-812-7989


High quality daily and weekly programs such as Democracy Now as well as many independent programs such as Alternative Radio and Counter Spin. Pacifica’s Democracy Now! can be also be down linked from on the PRSS satellite.

Our satellite is also streamed live via Internet for stations that do not have satellite equipment.

Pacifica’s Democracy Now! can be down linked from on the PRSS satellite as well as Pacifica’s KU satellite.

Satellite’s program schedule


Receiving:, our Internet content distribution system, allows you to obtain regular Pacifica programs when it is convenient for you, in the form of broadcast quality sound files.

The AudioPort web site also provides an extensive and ever-growing collection of exciting new programs and raw sound (actualities from events, interviews, etc), provided on an on-going basis by member stations throughout the entire Pacifica Network, as well as many independent producers.

Here is a list of programs distributed on Audioport

Distributing: distributes programs from your station nationally or internationally. You can self-upload your programs.

Streaming: streams broadcast quality programs and live specials .

Podcasting: enables stations to automate reception of programs via podcast.

Online production and storage of audio files: provides you with workspace on the Internet for storing audio content on our server privately and to share it with individuals of your choice. It allows you to access your audio content from any location and to bridge geographic distances to collaborate with others.


We bring you there, live. Pacifica Radio provides un-embedded and comprehensive special coverage of national and international events such as wars, congressional hearings, demonstrations, presidential debates and conventions, coup-des-tas, and other breaking news.

We also bring live concerts, lectures, and other cultural events. Pacifica collaborates with affiliated stations, drawing on local expertise and providing local producers opportunities to work nationally.

Specials are distributed live via satellite. The satellite is streamed on line as well. Recordings of the programs are usually rapidly uploaded into as well for download.

Pacifica offers a grassroots perspective to news and events by collaborating with affiliated network radio stations. Drawing on their local expertise Pacifica brings local community reporters to the national platform for a fresh perspective.


Pacifica affiliation includes full access to Democracy Now, a cutting edge daily prize-winning news magazine for national and international news, available at and after 8:00 AM EST.


Historic programs archived in the Pacifica Radio Archives, one of the world’s oldest and most important audio archives.

Archives include sound files covering pivotal 20th century events and historic figures ranging from Fannie Lou Hamer and Dylan Thomas to Franklin D. Roosevelt and Malcolm X. Programs can be received within minutes via Internet or can be received as CD’s in the mail)