Pacifica offers flexible and affordable services that help strengthen your station. Through America’s network for independent radio broadcasting, you gain access to station-builder services and the nation’s foremost radio production addressing issues of social justice and culture. We bring you breaking news and context for today’s world events – as well as hope.

We value the uniqueness of every radio station in our network. We are dedicated to supporting your station on its own terms. We listen carefully to what matters to you. We offer administrative, promotional, and operational support services to help you build loyal listeners, financial prosperity, and sound infrastructure.

Our administrative and technical staff is at your service to assist daily operations and to help connect you to others in the network. Through our online AudioPort, we will also distribute any programs originating at your station that seek a larger audience.

Below is an outline of our services to Pacifica affiliates. All services are offered for one annual fee. There are no additional charges.


  • Award-winning daily news programs.
  • Special live coverage of war, large demonstrations, governmental hearings, international events.
  • Variety of arts and public affairs programs by Pacifica, affiliate, or independent producers offered via satellite.
  • Sound files of programs offered by producers from Pacifica, independent producers, and  producers from community radio producers throughout the network, distributed via Internet (see below).


  • Web-based system for distribution and exchange of content in the form of broadcast-quality sound files throughout the Pacifica & Affiliates Network.
  • Fm broadcast programming via broadcast-quality sound files, on demand.
  • Searches possible by keyword /topic, time span, producer, and/or category.
  • Capability for producers to upload programs for broadcast by other affiliates.
  • All programs on the satellite and live specials are also streamed via Internet for broadcast.
  • Secure “online workrooms” for your producers to share audio files while in production.


  • Communications hub for community radio stations in the network, with liaison services offered by affiliates coordinator.
  • Ongoing on-call and individualized assistance from Pacifica Affiliates Coordinator and operations staff with special needs.
  • Affiliates web site that provides resources for network stations.
  • Assistance to producers with promotion of their programs.
  • Startup assistance for stations or community groups that wish to affiliate.
  • “Sprouts,” a weekly program coordinated and distributed by Pacifica that showcases production at affiliates stations. Producers train and critique each other. Producers from all affiliate stations are welcome, especially fledgling producers wishing to network and learn.


  • Thousands of historic recordings of great speeches, interviews, debates, music, culture, pivotal events, and more from Pacifica Radio Archives, one of theworld’s most important sound archives.
  • Premium CD’s for your fund drives at an affordable rate.
  • Submissions from producers from Pacifica and affiliated stations will be archived upon request if they meet Pacifica Radio Archive criteria.